Bet Types (Pools)

We support all North American wager types and the vast majority of international wagers. In fact AmWager was designed to automatically pick up and calculate any new pools that our tote provider may add. See below for a list and description of most wager types (pools).

Pool NameDescription
WIN (Win):With a win bet you are betting that your runner will come in first place. If your runner finishes first, you win!
PLC (Place):If you make a place bet you are wagering that your runner will come in first or second place. If your runner finishes first or second, you win! Payouts for place are a bit less than win, but so is the risk.
SHW (Show:) When making a show bet, you win if your runner comes in first, second or third place. As long as your runner finishes "In the money" (first, second, or third) you win! The payout for show is less than either win or place but the risk is also much less.
WPS (Across the board bet)By making an "Across the board bet" or win place show wager, you are actually placing three seperate bets. One win bet, one place bet and one show bet. Thus an across the board bet costs 3x the amount wagered. If your runner comes in first place you win all three prices (win, place and show). If your runner finishes second, you win place and show prices. If third you win the show price. This bet is rarely a profitable wager as the cost is high and the return potential is rather low.
EX (Exacta):When placing an exacta bet you are selecting the first and second place runners in the exact order. The runner you select in the 1st leg must come in first. The runner you select in the 2nd leg must come in second. If your runners finish in the exact order you selected, you win. This wager is a bit riskier than a win bet but also pays significantly more. This wager is the "bread and butter" of many professionals.
QU (Quinella bet):A quinella bet is similar to an exacta except the runners can finish in either order. As long as both of your selections finish in the top two postions, you win. The payouts are a bit lower than an exacta, but so is the risk. This is primarily found in Greyhound betting and some international racing.
TRI (Trifecta): Trifecta bet made by selecting the first three runners in the exact order. Your 1st selection must come in first, 2nd selection second, 3rd selection third. If they finish in the exact order you selected, you win! Trifecta wager pays a bit higher prices than an exacta but also carries a bit more risk. For those players that can handicap well, this can be a very profitable wager.
TRL/TRO (Triello / Trio)Triella (or Trio) wagering is primarily in international markets. It is a trifecta wager but in any order. As long as your three selections finish anywhere in the top three positions, you win! Prices and risk fall somewhere between exactas and trifectas.
SPR (Superfecta): When placing a superfecta bet you must pick the top four finishers in the exact order. This is rather risky bet, but superfecta wagering can also be lucrative. Watch for your opportunity to strike and you may have a good day in a single bet!
PEN/SH5 (Pentafecta/Super High Five):Super High Five wager is on the top 5 finishers in the exact order. This wager is quite risky but also pays extremely well.
HEX (Hexafecta):You guessed it.. a Hexafecta is the top 6 finishers in the exact order. More risk, more reward!
DBL (Double):In a double wager you must select the winner of two races. Those races may be consecutive races, split races at the same track, races at different tracks or even races on different days. Double bets can carry decent reward for the savy bettor.
PK# (Pick Bets) Pick wagers cover a wide range of the betting field. A "Pick" bet is when you pick the winner of a specified number of races. That can vary from a PK3 (Pick 3, three races) to a P12 (Pick 12, twelve races). The most popular of which is the Pick 6 wager due to its high carryovers. As the number of races goes up, so does the difficuly and so does the reward. High number pick wagers are among the highest paying wagers in the industry! Do your homework, pick your runners and good luck!
TR2 (Twin Trifecta):A twin trifecta is the first exchange wager you will likely run into. In this case you first wager a trifecta bet in a selected race. If you win that wager you will be paid a portion of the pool. You will also receive 1 wager into the 2nd half of the pool which is a trifecta in another predetermined race. If you select the correct combination there, you will be paid out a portion of the jackpot. Since this wager is so difficult it can go months without the 2nd half being won. In those cases, tracks will run "force outs" where the 2nd half will be paid fully to someone even if no one selects all three runners correctly. In some extreme cases it can pay out to anyone who made it to the second half (Paid on any combination).
TS (Tri-Super): Similar to a Twin Trifecta except with a trifecta in the first race and a superfecta in the second half. Much harder to win and also more prone to forceouts.
SP2 (Twin Super):Similar to a Twin Trifecta except with two Super Wagers. much more difficult and rare.