AmWager is the first to bring Colossus Jackpots to the U.S.

Use your AmWager account to bet into Colossus Jackpot pools available on UK and Irish racing. Colossus Jackpots include exciting CASH OUT, CONSOLATION PRIZE and SYNDICATE features.


Receive offers for live tickets that may go on to be non-winners!


Place bets into pools that offer payouts for near misses!


Share the risk and the reward with “crowd funded” tickets!

A Full Guide to Colossus Jackpots on AmWager


Colossus is a pool betting product offering the world’s biggest sports jackpots on UK and Irish horse racing. Players place bets into pools for a chance to win (or share with other winners) the jackpot prizes.

In most of jackpots, there is also an opportunity to win (or share with other winners) substantial consolation prizes.

Last but not least, Colossus offers Cash Out in all pools, which means players can receive payouts even on tickets that go on to lose.

Pool betting is a form of betting where players contribute a fixed amount (‘stake’) into a pool and then make a selection on an outcome or series of outcomes (‘legs’). The pool (after operator deductions) is then divided among those that have made the correct selection.

Colossus pools have modernized the traditional form of pool betting by featuring:

Guaranteed jackpot prizes – available to winners regardless of the total amount of player contributions into the pools
Consolation prizes – for those who closely miss winning the jackpot prizes
Cash Out offers – allowing players to sell all or part of their tickets back to Colossus and lock in a profit regardless of the outcome in the remaining legs in the pool

Absolutely not! Use your AmWager account and balance to place bets!

Find Colossus Jackpots in the main menu bar once you log into your AmWager account.


WIN – Players must pick the winner of each of the races or legs listed in the pool. Similar to a Pick 4 or Pick 6.

PLACE – Players must pick a horse to be placed in each of the races or legs listed in the pool. In Place pools, you can win by selecting a horse to be ‘placed’ in each of the races listed in the pool. A horse qualifies as placed when it finishes in the first few positions. The exact number of positions that are considered ‘placed’ positions (or ‘places’) is determined by the number of runners in the race. The number of places available is clearly shown when making a bet. Again, similar to a Pick 4 or Pick 6, but your selections may be able to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd depending on the number of places available for that race.

FINISHING ORDER – Players must pick horses in the correct finishing order for each of the positions required.

Colossus may choose to increase or ‘boost’ the guarantee of a pool after it has opened for betting. Any pool with a boosted prize will be displayed with a ‘boosted’ icon on the pools list and in the pool header on the coupon.

If any Colossus pool is won by less than 1 unit (or not won), the proportion of stakes bet into the pool that are not won will be rolled over or allocated to a subsequent pool of the same type.

You can see the rollover amount available in each pool by expanding the information section in the pool’s header.

You can see your staking options and choose your preferred level on the ‘betslip’ of the relevant pool. As you change your stake per line, the minimum jackpot prize you are playing for changes in proportion to your stake, as displayed in the pool header for all pools other than Place pools. In Win pools the maximum stake/full unit per line is $2 and in Finishing Order pools the maximum stake/full unit per line is $1. In Place pools the full unit stake in the pool is $1.

For Place pools, the full headline prize is always displayed instead of the fractional prize (proportionate to the stake per line selected by the player, as is the norm with all other Colossus pools). This is because it is possible for Place tickets to have multiple winning lines and potentially exceed the stated “playing for” prize.

For example, in a Place pool with a prize of $3,000, a 12-line ticket with a .10p stake per line would be playing with 0.1 units per line for $300. If the ticket had 6 winning lines (0.1 units x 6 lines) and was the sole winning ticket in the pool, the payout on the ticket would be $1,800. Therefore for Place pools, the total prize is displayed.


You will win (or share in the case of multiple winners) the jackpot amount for that pool. You can remind yourself of the amount you are playing for by looking at your ticket in the “My tickets” section (visible only when logged in).

Tip: Remember that if you chose a lower stake than the default when you placed your bet, you are playing for a fraction of the headline jackpot.

If you narrowly miss picking every winner in a Colossus jackpot, you could win (or share in the case of multiple winners) a consolation prize. The relevant consolation prizes are listed in the expandable section of the pool header. Please note that not all pools offer consolation prizes.

At certain times, Colossus will make an offer to buy a ticket that is still eligible to win a jackpot or consolation prize. These offers are typically made between the end of one leg in a pool and the start of the next leg. Colossus allows players to accept Cash Out offers fully or in 10% increments of their ticket, enabling you to lock in a payout for part of your ticket, while retaining a chance to win part of the main jackpot prize.

Log in frequently to your account while the pool is in progress and check for Cash Out offers under “My tickets”. You will also receive relevant pop up notifications that you can click to get directed to “My tickets”.

If a jackpot prize is not won, we carry forward the stakes contributed into that pool to a future equivalent pool (and so on indefinitely until the pool is won). This process and the relevant amount carried forward are referred to as a ‘rollover’. For example, a rollover on a Pick 6 pool will be carried forward to the next Pick 6 pool. You can see any current rollover amounts for a pool in the expandable section of the pool header.

This is usually due to one (or both) of the following reasons:

1. There were multiple winners, so the prize must be split among them. For example, in a $5,000 Win 4 pool, if you are the only winner you will win $5,000. But if there are 20 winners, you will win $250.

You can see how many winning units there are in any recently settled pool by clicking on the “Results” tab, navigating to the relevant pool under “Completed” and looking at the “Prize Breakdown” for that pool.

2. You chose a stake per line on your ticket that is lower than the default unit stake in that pool. For example, in a $1,000 Win 4 pool, a $2 stake per line plays for $1,000, a $1 stake per line plays for $500, a $0.50 stake per line plays for $250, and a $.20 stake per line plays for $100.

You can confirm your stake per line and amount you were playing for by looking at your ticket in the “My Tickets” section.


On the Jackpots page you will see a listing of all available pools and basic information including track, start time, jackpot and syndicates (more on that later). Click on a pool listing (right) to open the ‘coupon’ and ‘betslip’ for that pool (below).

On the coupon, make at least one selection in each leg. Each set of selections is known as a ‘line’. Multiple selections per leg will increase the number of lines and cost of the ticket. On the betslip, choose your stake per line.

The highlighted default stake allows you to play for the full available jackpot. You can select a lower (fractional) stake per line but this will also decrease the jackpot prize (and consolation prizes if available) you are playing for in proportion to the stake. For example, in a Win 6 pool, a $2 stake per line plays for $10,000, a $1 stake per line plays for $5,000 and a $0.50 stake per line plays for $2,500 and a $.20 stake per line plays for $1,000. Tip: Click on the different stake options to see how the jackpot prize changes in the headline for Win pools.

Smart Pick is a unique Colossus feature that helps you make your ticket selections when you can’t make up your mind or just need an extra hand. Once you have selected your stake (per line) and number of lines to include in the ticket, the Smart Pick feature picks from the most probable outcomes in each leg.

If you don’t like a selection made by Smart Pick for a particular leg, you can change that selection before purchasing your ticket.

The “favourite” or “favorite” is the horse with the shortest odds at post time. . The favourite horse to finish each race is available as a selection in Win and Place pools. If there are joint favourites (or co-favourites), the horse with the lowest racecard number will be deemed favourite.

Selections which become non-runners before coming under Starter’s Orders will be replaced by the favourite within both Win and Place pools. The horse which is declared the favourite will be clearly marked as such on your ticket. For Finishing Order pools, any valid lines that include a selection that is declared a non-runner will be void and the stakes will be returned to the customer when the pool is settled.

If a race within a pool is abandoned and not re-run on the same day, or is declared void or a walkover, or if the scheduled venue of a race is changed after the pool has been loaded by Colossus, then the race will be declared void and all selections will be treated as winners of that leg.

All tickets on horses that are involved in a dead heat will be declared equal winners and progress to the next leg of the pool. In the event of a dead heat for any place within a Place pool, all such dead-heating horses are considered to be fully placed in that race. This means that there can be more winners of a leg than is described. For example, if in an 8-runner race (3 places offered), two horses dead heat for third place, there will be a total of four horses deemed to be placed.

The ticket cost is calculated by multiplying the number of valid lines within your selections by the stake per line. On the coupon, invalid lines are displayed but are shadowed out against valid selections. An invalid selection is one that cannot possibly result in a winning finishing order. An example would be choosing the same horse to finish both 1st and 2nd in a single-line ticket.


Colossus Syndicates is the first ever ‘crowdbetting’ solution. You can crowdfund tickets into Colossus pools, either by backing existing tickets or becoming a “Captain” and creating tickets yourself. Colossus handles all the setup, funding and payout administration so players only have to worry about placing their bets.

You can join a Syndicate by navigating to the “Syndicates” tab and browsing the list of available Syndicates. Click on a Syndicate to view the ticket selections. If you want to proceed with a contribution, either pick one of the suggested amounts or type in your preferred amount in the free form box.

When a Syndicate wins a jackpot, the prize is split among all Syndicate contributors in proportion to the % of the ticket they own. For example, if the total cost of a Syndicate ticket is $100 and you have contributed $10, you own 10% of that ticket. And if it goes on to win $1,000, you will receive $100.

If your Syndicate ticket is not fully funded by the time the pool kicks off, all funds contributed will be automatically returned to the players’ accounts and the ticket will be voided.

Syndicate tickets can receive Cash Out offers like regular tickets when they are eligible to win a prize (jackpot or consolation). Offers are typically made between legs.

Please note that while all Syndicate contributors will be able to see available Cash Out offers, only the Syndicate Captain can decide to cash out fully or partially.

Tip: Captains will often use their social media profiles to communicate their Cash Out decisions or poll contributors on their opinion. So staying in touch with them on your preferred platform is a good idea.

Before you can create a Syndicate, you need to create a Captain profile. Click on the “Create” button and add a Captain name and avatar image.

The next time you click on the “Create” tab you will be taken to the list of open pools, where you can select which pool to create a Syndicate ticket in. You can then make your selections, choose the stake per line as when playing solo and click “Continue”. The final step is to add your contribution to the Syndicate, which must be between 10% and 50% of the overall ticket cost.

Tip: You can top up your initial contribution any time while the Syndicate ticket is still available to fund but you can never exceed a total of 50% of the overall ticket cost.

Sharing your Syndicate ticket is easy – click “Share” once you have confirmed the Syndicate creation and choose to post via Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp (mobile only).