FAQs & Help - AmWager

What is AmWager?

AmWager is the best account wagering platform available today. It was designed with tools and features that help every player become more successful regardless of skill level. From novice to professional, AmWager will help raise your game to the next level.

Is AmWager Legal?

YES, AmWager is US Owned, Operated, Licensed and Regulated. All wagers placed through AmWager are commingled into pari-mutuel pools.

Is it free to join AmWager?

YES, AmWager never charges for applications or any other basic service. Specifically, AmWager has no charge or fees for:

  • Application or Sign Up
  • Per-Wager fee (other than cost of the wager)
  • Membership fee
  • Audio or Video services
  • Replay services
  • Most deposit and withdrawal services

AmWager may charge for specific premier services such as overnight deliveries, credit card deposits and others.

Why choose AmWager?

AmWager is the most technologically advanced, feature rich wagering platform of any online account wagering site.

  • Cash Rewards on most wagers for ALL players, not just the professionals.
  • Lifetime referral program for ALL players.
  • Convenient and ever expanding funding and withdrawal options.
  • Ultra-fast and easy sign up. Start wagering in a few minutes.
  • Phone, Chat and Email support for ALL players of all levels.
  • No monthly service charges or per wager fees.
  • Real-Time data updates (only limited by tote systems and internet latency).
  • Fully redundant systems – Always onilne, always accessible!
  • US-based, operated, owned, licensed & regulated.

Can I watch racing online?

YES! AmWager offers free live, high quality live streaming video of all races. AmWager also offers free replays of all past races and the best replay search engine in the industry.

Are my transactions secure?

YES! AmWager utilizes the latest in security practices and technology. All transactions are secured from start to finish and follow the most stringent financial industry standards. Any transactional or personal data recorded by AmWager is encrypted. 

Is my money safe and secure?

YES! AmWager holds all account holder funds in a separate FDIC-insured custodial account that is regulated and monitored by the Oregon Racing Commission. Any funds deposited or won by player’s are held there. Funds are removed from the account only by player authorized transactions (Wagering, Withdrawals, Product purchases, etc.). These accounts are routinely audited by the Oregon Racing Commission for accuracy and fund availability.

Am I eligible to join AmWager?

You must be 21 years of age or older.

You must provide your valid Social Security Number – This is required by the racing commission AND for identity verification.

Wagering is available in most but not all jurisdictions. Please see our restrictions list here.

How can I join AmWager?

Simply fill out the registration form here.

How long does it take to join AmWager?

Joining AmWager only takes a few minutes. Once your application is accepted, you can login and fund your account.

How do I Wager?

Wagering is available online from partically any device. Mobile is available via webpage or app. Online and Mobile utilize the same familiar wagerpad and preferences.

What wagers or pools do you support?

AmWager supports ALL US pool types and most foreign pool types. AmWager is always looking to expand our selection of wagering events and pools to better serve our customers.

How are my wagers paid?

AmWager pays full track prices on all wager. Every wager through AmWest is commingled into Pari-Mutuels pools. Some states or locations may require surcharges on winnings.

How can I fund or deposit money into my account?

AmWager provides various funding options and is continually looking for the best options for our customers. Some funding methods may have daily or weekly limits depending on the payment provider. Please see our funding page here for more details.

How can I withdrawal money from my account?

AmWager credits all winnings to the account holders balance immediately after the race is official and paid. All funds in the players account may be withdrawn at any time. Some withdrawal methods may have daily or weekly limits depending on the payment provider. Please visit our funding page for more details.

Can I wager on all tracks through AmWager?

AmWager offers a large array of wagering options from Thoroughbred, Harness, Quarter Horse and Greyhound racing. You can see the full list of available tracks here. Some tracks are not available due to contractual restrictions, but AmWager is committed to continual negations to make ALL tracks available on our platform. We fully believe that variety and ease of access is better for all parties in the industry.

AmWager has been instrumental in bringing International racing products to the US market and will continue to do so. We are always on the lookout for ways to bring more racing products to the US market and also to provide US racing to the growing global market. AmWager and its parent AmWest Entertainment work hard to support the racing industry.