AmWager - Smarter AND Faster

When it comes to the races, AmWager is the clear winner.

In racing there is a universal truth, the winner is the horse that can go faster than any other competitor for the duration of the race. Shouldn't this speed and endurance also be a deciding factor in how you choose your wagering platform? 

Fastest online wagering system in existence.

AmWager is the fastest online wagering platform available today. Our odds displays (tote board) updates in near real-time after the tote. We are seconds ahead of the track video updating and sometimes minutes ahead of our online competition, especially the big three.  We recorded the following video to show you the stark contrast between AmWager and our competitors. In racing terms, our competitors are still in the starting gate when we're making the first turn. So don't get left behind, join AmWager today.

AmWager is Faster

AmWager achieves this by using industry leading technology and software practices that enable our servers to respond faster and notify all devices as updates occur. The entire platform was engineered to be lightning fast. Speed and accuracy are at the heart of AmWager.

Speed is only part of the equation as we are also committed to on-going development and innovation.

AmWager is also secure. All senstive information is fully encrypted in storage and all transactions are done over secure communications. We also use fully redundant systems and storage solutions. 

We are committed to innovation, technology and most importantly our players. Join today and experience the future.