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Carryover Pools can potentially add up to a massive score. Many players track the carryovers and look for winning angles on instances that may have value. 

Carryovers happen on hard to hit wagering pools when there is no full winner. Most of the money is "carried over" until the next instance of that same pool. It may be later in the same event or another day. Rules vary from track to track and state to state but generally about 75% of the current pool is carried over with 25% being paid out as "consolation" prizes to those that had the most correct selections. For example: In a Pick six carryover if the current pool is $100,000 and no one has 6 of 6 selections, then $75,000 would go to the carryover and $25,000 would be paid to those who have 5 of 6 selections correct.

Some instances of the largest pick six carryovers that paid out are:

If you are a good handicapper carryover pools can be very lucrative to wager. AmWager tracks the current carryover's here so you don't have to. 

Show carryovers above:
Type of track: Greyhound Harness Thoroughbred Quarter Horse

Track NameType of TrackType of BetCarryover Amount
Arlington ParkThoroughbredPick 6$11,108
Arlington ParkThoroughbredPick 5$7,239
BelmontThoroughbredPick 6
Century DownsThoroughbredPick 5
Century DownsThoroughbredSuper High 5
Daytona/VolusiaGreyhoundTwin Trifecta$283
Delta DownsThoroughbredSuper High Five
Del MarThoroughbredPick 5
Del MarThoroughbredPick 6$96,599
DelawareThoroughbredPick 5
Ellis Park ThoroughbredPick 5
Ellis ParkThoroughbredSuper High Five$752
EvangelineThoroughbredSuper High Five$2,121
FlaglerGreyhoundTwin Trifecta$1,766
FlaglerGreyhoundTri Super$5,926
GulfstreamThoroughbredPick 6$350,509
GulfstreamThoroughbredPick 5
GulfstreamThoroughbredSuper High Five
HastingsHarnessPick 6$1,395
JacksonvilleGreyhoundTri Super$21,532
JacksonvilleGreyhoundTwin Tri
Lone StarThoroughbredPick 6$87,848
Los AlamitosThoroughbredSuper High Five
Los AlamitosThoroughbredPick 6
Louisiana DownsThoroughbredPick 6$1,364
Louisiana DownsThoroughbredPick 5$6,022
MeadowlandsHarnessSuper High Five$68,933
MohawkHarnessSuper High Five$75,328
MonmouthThoroughbredPick 6$6,552
MountaineerThoroughbredSuper High Five$1,033
NorthlandsHarnessPick 5$1,665
Palm BeachGreyhoundTri Super$4,315
Palm BeachGreyhoundTwin Tri$883.88
Penn NationalThoroughbredPick 6$678
Pleasanton FairThoroughbredPick 6
Pocono DownsHarnessPick 5
Prairie MeadowsThoroughbredPick 5$72,923
Prairie MeadowsThoroughbredSuper High Five$500
Running AcesHarnessPick 5$15,648
Running AcesHarnessSuper High Five$500
Suburban DownsHarnessSuper High Five$20,328
ThistledownThoroughbredPick 6$176
Tri-StateGreyhoundPick 4$278
Tri-StateGreyhoundTwin Tri$1,079
Wheeling DownsGreyhoundTwin Tri$6,886
Wheeling DownsGreyhoundPick 5$216
WoodbineThoroughbredSuper HIgh Five$365,211