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Conditional Wagering is a feature which can help you make the best wager at the best time. For the average player it gives them one of the most powerful tools a computer wagerer has access to. AmWager has the fastest, most feature rich conditional wagering system available today.

AmWager's conditional wagering system differentiates itself in three main areas:

  1. RealTime validation. - Most conditional wagering systems only check once at the minutes to post you specify. AmWager checks all conditional wagers every 10 seconds. If the conditions are met, your wager is sent. No more loosing bets that should have went in just because the odds changed the cycle after your post time condition.
  2. Multiple Conditions. - All other systems only allow a single condition per wager. AmWager allows you to apply multiple conditions to wagers so you can create a range of odds or payouts your wager should go in at. 
  3. ANY Pool.  While odds conditions can only be matched against win, exacta, quinella or double pools, you can use those to build conditions for others. A specific example would be building a Fair Value condition for trifecta wagers based on the win pool. 


Conditional Wagering Options

Wager Pad:

  • Create conditional wagers with specific odds/probable payoffs
  • Set a minute-to-post (MTP) condition to determine when you want your Win, Daily Double, Exacta or Quinella to start being evaluated if you like.
  • Add multiple conditions to a single wager to come up with complex conditional wagering scenarios. We give you the power.. how you use it is up to you! 

File Upload Module

  • Comma-separated values (CSV) text file format is used
  • Wagers can be stacked (with conditions) or submitted directly with no conditions
  • Feature allows wager construction based off MTP and odds >= or <=. (minimum/maximum or range)
    • Conditional wagering is available for win, exacta, quinella and daily double wagers
    • But the flexibility exists to execute any type wager based off win odds or other probables. 


AmWager is the most advanced online wagering platform available today. Some of our other money management and wagering features are: