Fund Your Account - AmWager

AmWager offers several convenient and secure methods to deposit and withdraw funds from your AmWager account.

Deposit Options


You may fund your AmWager account by sending us a personal check
Bank Transfer (ACH)

Transfer funds directly from your bank account into your AmWager account.
Green Dot Money Pak
No cash advance fees, no debit card fees, no deposit fees charged by wagering facilitator, no credit/debit/checking account info needed.
PayNearMe Logo
Deposit cash directly into your AmWager account at 7-Eleven and Family Dollar locations.
logo greendot @ register
A faster way to add money to your AmWager account from a store near you!
You can now fund your AmWager account with your credit card!

Withdrawal Options

Traditional withdrawal method. No fees.
Bank Transfer (ACH)

Fast and free. Our preffered withdrawal method.
Withdraw funds from your account and deposit to your Neteller account. Instant access, safe and convenient.