AmWager takes pride in providing our players with the pari mutuel wagering industry’s most lucrative rewards program and highest referral commissions. AmWager is raising the stakes with a Winner’s Bonus on qualified gross winning tickets.

Win Bonus

  • Earn an extra percentage of your winnings.
  • Deposited to your account the next day.
  • Available on selected tracks/pools.
  • Daily on-going win bonus.
  • Periodic special high return win bonuses on select offerings.
  • May earn up to $50 extra on certain win bonuses.


 With our winner’s online betting bonus, it’s simple. On a winning qualified wager, AmWager will deposit the earned additional Winner’s Bonus into your account the very next day. See below for an example win bonus from our 5% winner's bonus program.

Winners Bonus

At AmWager, we put the player first. We believe that giving players daily incentives is vital to supporting the overall health of this sport we all love.

  Bringing you the industry’s best wager pad is a great start. Our lucrative rewards, referral programs and online betting bonus programs put money back into your pocket, and the Daily Winner’s Bonus is a powerful finishing kick.

*This Promotion is Not Applicable on Affiliate Reward Programs