All AmWager accounts are eligible for our referral program. Unlike our competitors we don't limit your earning potential. Refer a friend and we will share a portion of our revenue for as long as they play. Refer more and earn more.

Referral Program Begins May 2018

Referral Program

Referral Program

  • Earn a percentage of all revenue from any referral.
  • Revenue share up to 30% based on activity.
  • Cash Referral always.
  • No limit on number of referrals.
  • No expiration on referrals. Once reffered earn forever.
  • No cap on earnings. 
  • You did the work.. you deserve the benefit. 

With AmWager's Referral Program you can track all of your referral activity quickly and easily.  See your overall progress and just how close you are to the next tier. As always, AmWager leads the industry.


Cash Referral

 Cash Referral Levels

DepositorsReferral Percent
0-45% Share
5-910% Share
10-1915% Share
20-4920% Share
50-9925% Share
100 30% Share


Percentage share is based on net revenue to AmWager after taxes, fees, promotions and other handle based charges. 


Cash Referral