AmWager V1.0.9 Release notes - April 15th 2019

New Features:

Program Shop

  1. Equibase and Trackmaster Programs are now available for purchase
  2. All products are discounted 25% off of MSRP for launch.
  3. Includes a built in PDF viewer that works on all devices.
  4. More enhancements and products coming soon.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Users may now resize video overlays by dragging edges.
  • Odds Condition now sets commonly used defaults when selected.
  • Random now enabled on PKx bets.
  • QuickBet features now enabled on Mobile.
  • Greyhound Race All now enabled on Mobile.
  • Sign-In page now auto translates based on browser settings.
  • Video no longer lags when dragging modal.
  • Now easier to use Random Quick Bet multiple times in a row.
  • Mobile now updates automatically after being in background.
  • Win Chart no longer breaks when tote has missing data.
  • File upload no longer errors if multiple blank lines in CSV file.

AmWager V1.0.8 Release notes - March 4th 2019

Below are the release notes for this version. Once again these are player requested features. We are always listening to you.

New Features:

Trifecta Matrix Display

  1. Users can now see the total wagered on specific Trifecta combinations.
  2. This is only available currently on an extremely small selection of tracks. As more tracks enable trifecta data in their tote systems AmWager will automatically pick it up and start displaying it.

Copy to Table (Excel Copy)

  1. Customers can now easily copy event/race/runner and pool information in a standard format to most spreadsheet software.
  2. Click the “Copy Data” button below the runners then paste into any spreadsheet software.
  3. Future versions may allow for automated updating of the spreadsheet.

Other Enhancements and Fixes

  • Runner Detail view will now stay open when a race closes.
  • Swap Legs now works properly on entries where the main runner is scratched and the entry is now.
  • Mobile → Statements slightly easier to use, more work to be done.
  • Rank and Rank Pro bet Modifiers have had several optimizations to make smoother. (More to come including ticket compression etc..)
  • IPhone → Submit/Stack buttons should no longer drop out of view after certain actions.
  • TRU Odds now visible in results, Willpays will be soon.
  • Other minor tweaks and enhancements.

AmWager V1.0.7 Release notes - January 2nd 2019

New Features

Conditional Wagering Enhancements

  1. As requested, users may now specify up to 2 odds/payout conditions per wager. This allows for wagers to be placed when current odds are within a certain range or other complex patterns. If needed this limit can be increased.
  2. UI for inputting conditions has been remade to be more user friendly.

New Bet Modifiers

  1. Based on player suggestions AmWager has created two new bet modifiers that create combinations based on the value of the runners similar to the way computer wagering groups operate.
  2. Rank modifier allows users to quickly select the amount they wish to spend and order the runners from first to last (leaving out any they do not want). AmWager then calculates the best combinations to wager.
  3. Rank Pro modifier allows players that calculate their own odds lines to input them in percentage form. AmWager then calculates the optimal combinations up to their selected stake amount.

Quick Bets

Quick bets are bets generated entirely by AmWager. User’s select the amount they wish to wager, then the type of quick bet. AmWager does the rest.

  1. Random → AmWager creates a single random combination.
  2. Current Odds → AmWager creates as many combinations as allowed by the users stake based on the current WIN odds of all runners.
  3. Trending Runners → AmWager creates combinations using WIN odds on horses whose odds are currently trending lower. (Taking more money)

TRU Odds

  1. After listening to players we have created an aggregated odds measurement using all currently available pool data.
  2. Currently this utilizes WIN, EX, QU, DBL, PLC and SHW pools but will automatically add other pools should data from tote become available.
  3. Willpay data where available will be incorporated into this model in the future as well.

Progressive Web App

  1. AmWager is now a Progressive Web App and will automatically install as a native App on Android and Windows.
  2. AmWager can also be installed on IoS devices but requires manual steps until Apple is done with their PWA integration.
  3. This means the fastest ADW software just got faster and also opens up a lot of possible future enhancements.
  4. Android users will be automatically prompted.
  5. All users will now see an “Install App” button in the menu. Clicking it on Android/Windows will automatically install. Clicking it on Apple devices will give users instructions of how to install.

Other enhancements and fixes:

  • Intro walkthrough will no longer show multiple times for new users.
  • Race ALL wagers can now be stacked.
  • Selected matrix/pool tab will stay selected between race changes.
  • Ticket counts and totals now update more consistently.
  • Clear button now properly removes lettered entries again.
  • Sparklines no longer disappear when changing pool.
  • Various performance enhancements.