$5,000 Cross Country Pick5 Win Bonus

Hit the Cross Country Pick5 on Saturday, November 28th to claim your share of $5,000!

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AmWager is once again offering the chance to make a big win even bigger with a special $5,000 Win Bonus. Any winning wagers, placed through AmWager, on the Cross Country Pick 5 on November 28th will share an additional $5,000!

Cross Country Pick 5

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Leg A: Aqueduct – Central Park – Race 7 (2:44 pm)

Leg B: Aqueduct – Aqueduct Turf Sprint Championship – Race 9 (3:44 pm)

Leg C: Aqueduct – Long Island – Race 10 (4:13 pm)

Leg D: Churchill Downs – Golden Rod – Race 9 (4:57 pm)

Leg E: Churchill Downs – Kentucky Jockey Club – Race 11 (5:56 pm)

Official $5,000 Win Bonus Rules

  1. Win bonus share is only paid out to customers who make a winning wager on the specified track, race and pool on the specific date(s) through the AmWager platform.
  2. Win bonus share is determined based on the base amount of the wager and number of wagers won for each player. Any remaining breakage on the calculation is not paid out. For example if the win bonus is $100, player A has a ticket that wins twice at $0.20 base bet amount and player B has a ticket that wins once at $1.00 base bet amount then there is a total of $1.40 base winning bets so the payout per base $1 bet is $100 / $1.40 = $71.42. Player A receives ($71.42 * $0.20 * 2) = $28.56 win bonus and Player B receives ($71.42 * $1) = $71.42 win bonus. Which leaves an unpaid breakage of ($100 – $71.42 – $28.56) = 0.02.
  3. In the case of multi-race pools the win bonus will only be shared amongst those who correctly selected the winner of all races, if no one selects all winners the win bonus will not be distributed even if the host track pays a consolation prize.
  4. In the case of no qualifying winning wagers the win bonus will not be paid out.
  5. In the case of a refunded pool, cancelled race, no race or any other situation which does not result in a normal payout of the pool no win bonus will be distributed.



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