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You are not Betting just for Fun, right? Whatever your reason for betting, winning a bet is the most exhilarating experience you could imagine in the world of sports!

To WIN, you must LEARN Smart Betting! Wager to Win and Wager like a Pro!

Hold your horses and take a tight grip on the reins first! Learning how to bet is not enough! There is a lot of information you should know before you kick-start your journey as a Pro Bettor.

The BASIC ability that Pro Bettors have in common is to know how to Handicap a race!

What is handicapping?

It is the ability to evaluate a horse race! This means determining which horse has the highest probability of winning the race. It is the best horsepower to boost your chances of WINNING!

By simply understanding the different track surfaces, types of horse breeds, horse racing types, jockeys, and racehorses, you can start your handicapping ability to progress!

Don’t worry, AmWager prepared it all for you! Read the articles below and learn the skill!

Track Surface – Dirt, Turf & Synthetic or Artificial
Moreover, did you know that track surfaces also have a vital role in a horse’s success in a race? Different track surfaces also affect the pace of the horses differently...
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Horse Racing Breeds
Understanding a horse’s breed can already give you a whole picture of its physical stature and best fit in sports. This way, you can identify if the horse you want to bet on has a good breed fitting for the race...
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Horse Racing Types
There are four general types of horse racing: flat, jump, harness, and endurance racing...
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Then, What else?

It is also essential to know which racetrack you are betting on, as it can also impact the race results significantly.

Understanding the shape of the track, what type of track surface they have, the history of the winners, the perks and disadvantages of the tracks, and many more! Hence, it is good to have a broad knowledge about their track first to know if your favorite horse can have a high chance of winning!

You can also check all the racetracks beforehand to know which track is best for sprints or long runs! Check out the list of racetracks the AMWAGER prepared just for you!

Still Confused with the Terms?

If you are still having a hard time familiarizing some terms, you can also check the AmWager’s glossary for your own convenience!

After learning the Basics, you can now start learning more daily from our experts! All your basic knowledge now can help you better understand the free expert advice from our handicappers.

You can now bet with confidence at the upcoming horse race!