Being a Horseplayer: Losing and Learning

What is a horseplayer? By definition it is a person who gambles on horse racing. That is a simplistic definition and one that does not do us players service. We are the lifeblood of the racing industry. Without our wagering dollars, our great athletes would essentially be running for ribbons. While I would still love racing even without gambling, it is the money generated from wagering that drives the sport. Gambling on horses is unique

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Betting with your Heart is NOT good for your Wallet

Have you ever had a horse that you absolutely love? You know, one that for some reason or another you got attached to. Maybe it was a winning horse that enabled you to cash a big winning ticket. Or, a horse that came from a sire or dam that you were absolutely crazy about. How about a gray…everybody loves gray horses right? We have all been there, latching onto a horse for this reason or

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Handicappers, Fans and the Jockey Relationship

Jockeys, by definition, are the people who ride horses professionally in races. While that definition is simplistic and fits the job description, it does a lousy job of encompassing everything these athletes do. Yes, I said athletes because these are the pilots of animals weighing an average of 1200 lbs. and that are running in excess of 35 mph around the racetrack. It would be hard enough to control and maneuver a thoroughbred by itself

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The Power of Dutching

You have $20 to spend at the grocery store to buy three things to make a sandwich: bread, cheese, and meat. Would you take that $20 and divide it by three and spend $6.66 on each item, when the bread cost $1.99, cheese $3.49, and meat $6.99? The simple answer is no. Unfortunately, that is what you are doing when you are boxing your wagers. When you box your selections, regardless of what the current

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Papo’s Post Parade Video Series

Papo’s Post Parade provides an inside track with betting tips from AmWager professional handicapper, Papo Morales. This FREE multi-part video series, presented by AmWager CEO Nelson Clemmens, can help you produce more winning results with a smarter approach to betting. In Part 6, Papo detaills the strategy on Multi-Race Bets, such as a Trifecta; how to utilize the A-B-C method; ‘Caveman’ Multi-Race Betting; and more!

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