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AmWager offers EVERY customer cash back rewards on most wagering. Join today to take advantage of our industry leading program. Don't settle for less!

Cash Rewards Program

  • Wager rewards deposited daily
  • Earn a percentage of your total wager on most bets.
  • Percentage based on activity level
  • Cash back always, no points or other confusing schemes.
  • Rewards are on all eligible wager types win or loose.
  • High volume programs available

Woman holding her cash rewards


 Reward Levels

BronzeNo Minimum2% Cash Back
Silver$500 Monthly3% Cash Back
Gold$2,000 Monthly4% Cash Back
Platinum$5,000 Monthly5% Cash Back
Titanium>$80,000 AnnualContact us for more details

Cash back rate is a maximum. On certain bet types such as Place and Show the maximum reward may not be available due to costs. Some accounts in high source market jurisdications(I.E. Idaho 10% state fee) may also experience lower reward rates.