April 22nd – Thrilling Picks Select Picks




Must Use #2
Contender #1
Stretch/Wildcards #4, 7

Historically the chalk has won this race type 4 of 4x. Those winners all had ML ODDS less than 2-1. Maybe bettors feel bold and want to single today’s chalk #2 Martini Lande.

Must Use #4

#4 Above the Limit had the tremendous speed advantage + E1 + E2 pace adv. There isn’t any logical reason to bet against it the #4, so we won’t. If it doesn’t deliver we accept the outcome and move on. The upside of singling the #4 , it keeps the cost of our tickets low.

Must Use #4, 6, 8

These three have the Trainer Win% + Purse Avg Last 3 races rank of past winners.

Must Use #2, 8
Contenders #5

Significant factors: Avg Speed Last 3 + Avg Late Pace


Must Use #1, 2, 4
Contenders #10

Stretch/Wildcards # 5, 8

#1, 2, 4 have a mix of win%, jockey 2yr win% and trainer+jockey win% found in 76% of past winners for this race type.

#10 Golden Moon Shine has the Avg E1 and Avg E2 pace advantages, while it may not win, it should help shape the race.

When longshots have won, they ranked in the top 4 for Turf Earnings + Late Pace, this points to #8 Suzzette Start

$0.50 PK5 on 1,2/4/4,6,8/2,5,8/1,2,4,10

$0.50 PK4 on 4/4,6,8/2,8/5,8

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